They say that sooner or later and like it or not, you become your mother. In my case I hope this happens sooner than later because I grew up admiring this joyful and amazingly creative woman who, like Scarlet O'Hara from Gone with the Wind, would create the most beautiful dresses or costumes from some old cloths.

Now as a mom of a boy and a girl with insatiable curiosity, I'm always trying to create whimsical toys and accessories that will inspire and amaze them, and that's how the first Luvaboo creations started a couple of years ago on our dinner table.

Designed and handmade by me, Luvaboo's signature products are the Garden Girls who play peek-a-boo and only wear floral dresses to attract little birds, the Incognito Superheroes, a plushie animal that also plays peek-a-boo and turns his "geeky" bowtie into a superhero cape, or the Bow-cape, a kid size bowtie that can be turned into a superhero cape.